Dr. Heidi Klein

Medical Director

Dr. Heidi G. Klein is a practicing board certified Emergency Medicine physician, wife and mother of two. She is active in the Atlanta Fitness community and is excited to help connect the medical and fitness world through outreach and education.

Dr. Klein started with BodyFitMD as a client after her second child. She was looking for a way to achieve work-life balance while increasing her fitness and overall health. She quickly realized that the benefits she received through BodyFitMD far surpassed her expectations. She was inspired by Dr. Wan’s enthusiasm, and impressed by the science behind BodyFitMD.

Like many before her, Dr. Klein’s primary motivation in becoming a physician was to inspire change and help people. She knows from experience that in order to accomplish this, building meaningful patient-physician relationships is imperative. She believes that this relationship involves more than simply prescribing medications and approaches the relationship accordingly– she will listen, teach, model and prescribe lifestyle change. Combining her love of education with her belief in the power of quality nutrition, Dr. Klein feels more motivated than ever to inspire change and help you through BodyFitMD.

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