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BodyFitMD Group Classes

We offer a variety of classes that change daily, in order to keep your fitness program fresh and exciting. Our fitness program includes the following classes:

BodyFitMD Sweat (HIIT) : In our HIIT class, you will rotate through short bursts of cardio and strength training rounds, mostly using bodyweight dynamic movements in order to target your anaerobic heart rate zone and fast-twitch muscular power.

With mini active recovery periods in between, you'll be burning calories in excess. The goal is to fluctuate between your aerobic and anaerobic zones of training as we take you through a warm up, 3 to 5 rounds, and a fun challenge. Join in for either a 30 minute or 45 minute session.

About BodyFitMD

BodyFitMD is a new innovative health facility that combines Fitness, Nutrition, And Lifestyle Wellness Services All Under One Roof. Our top notch professionals are passionate about helping you "Create The Body And Lifestyle That You Want". Whether It's Meal Planning, Fitness Training, Or Wellness Consultations, We're Here For You!

Let BodyFitMD guide you on your Fitness Journey!