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How to Enjoy Your Labor Day with No Regrets

Jeanine Suah - Thursday, August 17, 2017
How to Enjoy Your Labor Day with No Regrets

Labor Day is like that weird, creepy, yet oddly hilarious attractive uncle at every family barbecue--you either love it or you hate it. For those who are professional Labor Day-ers like myself *smiles to self*, Labor Day can be the ultimate way to spend time with friends and family in a relaxing environment without having to worry about work. But for those who are Labor Day newbies, or those who flat-out don't care, Labor Day can be...a challenge. These 4 tips will teach you How to Enjoy Your Labor Day with NO "Ragrets" (not even a single letter).

1. Wear Sunscreen

Girl...SPF4 does not qualify as a credible form of sun protection. If you are out in the sun, it's common knowledge to lather up that bod with sunscreen, right? If spending anywhere from 1-7 hours in the sun (we do not condone over-exposure), SPF30+ (regularly applied) is the way to go. Using sunscreen does not byonly prevent you from getting little sun blisters on your face, but also prevents premature aging. Be sure to have a hat, rash guard, sunglasses, and other fun protectors handy. Who wants leathery skin by the time they're 50? Not this gal.

2. Stay Hydrated

We talk about this all the time! DRINK WATER! Water is essential to life, to your peace, and your happiness. Labor Day can get pretty boozy, and that's completely fine! Have a drink and enjoy yourself. However, you must also be sure to drink water along with your Corona to avoid dehydration. Who wants to be hungover the day after Labor Day? NOT THIS GYAL--oops, my patois came out. Staying hydrated will increase proper liver and kidney function, which can ultimately help you flush out those toxins from those delicious frozen margaritas.

3. Avoid Binge Eating

I am literally the QUEEN of holiday binge eating. I just can't resist the deliciousness that is hamburgers, homemade guacamole, and southern style potato salad. YUM! While there's nothing wrong with eating these things, it does become a problem when I toss back 3 more burgers after claiming to be uncomfortably full. Over-eating can leave you feeling bloated and nauseous and can carry over its effects to the next day (i.e. when you'll be at work). Everything is good in moderation. If you're full, stop eating. If you're drinking consistently, pop something in your mouth every couple hours, just to ensure that the alcohol is being properly absorbed.

4. Drive Safely

The mack-daddy of them all. Please please please please please DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE ON LABOR DAY. Don't drink and drive period, but especially not on Labor Day. According to the National Safety Council, nearly 400 deaths result from motor vehicle incidents on Labor Day. These unfortunate incidents are the result of fatigue, impatience (due to traffic), and alcohol-related issues. If you have had too much to drink, be sure to call an Uber or Lyft or spend the night at a nearby hotel or friend's home. Your life and your safety are not worth the risk.


Follow these How to Enjoy Your Labor Day with No Regrets Tips and you'll have a grand 'ol time! Stay safe this Labor Day, kids!

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