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5 Morning Do's and Don'ts

Jeanine Suah - Wednesday, July 12, 2017
5 Morning Do's and Don'ts

First things first...I'm the REALEST! Sorry...I couldn't help myself. On a more serious note, let's get one thing straight: MORNINGS ARE GLORIOUS and it's time we start realizing that! Stop being a Negative Nancy and Grumpy Gloria and start looking at the brighter side of mornings...(nailed it). These 5 morning do's and don'ts are GUARANTEED to help you have a more positive outlook on that 5:30AM alarm clock.

1. DON’T BE ANGRY AT BREAKFAST (cue Katt Williams)
Congratulations! You've woken up and get to live another day! BE GRATEFUL. You get another 24 hours to do something you didn’t get to do yesterday! It’s amazing and it’s awesome. Stop screwing up your face while preparing for your day and start thinking about the positive impact you can have on someone! Start your day by acknowledging 3 super dope things in your life, SMILE, and make it a great morning!

Along with being grateful and acknowledging the fact that you have air in your lungs, try taking 10 to 15 minutes to just BE. Close your eyes, listen to a favorite song (or be in silence), and just allow your mind to wander for a bit. Don't think about work or what you have to do later that day. Just be present and in the moment. Meditation can reduce anxiety, boost your mood, and mentally prepare you for the day. Take some time to thank yourself for giving yourself time. Sound like a never ending cycle? GOOD! Being aware and being present can increase productivity!

Honestly, what’s a better way to jump start your day than with an intense SWEAT sesh? Talk about rejuvenation of the mind and body! While, of course, it’s better to do a workout at any point of the day than to not do your workout at all, research does show that when you work out early in the morning a few AMAZING things happen internally: 1) you get better quality sleep at night, 2) your self-discipline increases because you’re training your mind and body to wake up earlier, 3) your blood pressure is lowered along with stress levels, 4) your brain is stimulated, AND ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT, 5) your metabolism skyrockets! Morning workouts? #YASSS (good thing we offer 5:15am classes, amiright? ;) )

All of the positive emojis for this one! Drinking at least 16oz. of water upon waking up flushes out your entire system, boosts your metabolism, re-hydrates you after your 6-8 hours of hibernation, and also has been shown to decrease your appetite throughout the day. Talk about a total packaged DETOX! Don’t like the taste of regular water? Try infusing it with some fruits, vegetables, and/or herbs! Our Fit Coach Akiko is a beast when it comes to her SpaWater concoctions! Use her and the resources around you to make drinking water more fun!

So fasted cardio has totally been deemed a “thing” lately and we definitely don’t encourage eating a full blown waffles, steak, eggs, bacon and house-made potatoes feast RIGHT BEFORE a workout; however, when you skip breakfast, you’re actually increasing your chances of eating significantly more throughout the day. By skipping breakfast, you become insanely hungry; which means by 12:00 lunch time, you’re ready to do some serious damage! Have a well-balanced, healthy meal upon waking up and prepare yourself to conquer the day! Let’s start taking more care of our minds and bodies and start LOVING our mornings!

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