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5 Essential Oils That Benefit Your Health

Jeanine Suah - Thursday, May 04, 2017
5 Essential Oils That Benefit Your Health

Ever walked into a spa, yoga studio, or someone's house and the literal smell of relaxation just overtakes your body? Those my friend, are the sweet, sweet smells of essential oils. If you haven't learned about the essential oils craze, you haven't lived! Essential oils are in fact, quite ESSENTIAL, to the body (go figure, right?). Essential oils, also known as "aromatherapy oils", are derived from plants known to have healing properties.

Based on the specific plant, each essential oil can either be ingested, applied directly to the skin, or my personal favorite: placed in an oil diffuser for therapeutic purposes (I have 2 in my house and 1 in my car--I'm obsessed). The 5 following essential oils are some of my personal faves and are known to directly benefit the mind and body:

1. Lemongrass (aka "The Mother of All Mothers")
For the body: Supports healthy digestion (when ingested)
For the mind: Calms anxiety, eliminates mental fatigue, heightens awareness

2. Peppermint (aka "Pep in Your Step")
For the body: Aids in digestion, reduces bloating, calming elements
For the mind: Increases mental awareness, increases mood

3. Lavender (aka "The Best for No Stress")
For the body: Relieves migraines, used as natural deodorant, reduces cold/flu symptoms
For the mind: Stress-reliever, anti-depressant, sleep aid, induces relaxation

4. Eucalyptus (aka "REST-titory Decongestant")
For the body: Combats respiratory diseases, natural decongestant, reduces migraines, fevers, muscle aches, and/or pains
For the mind: Enhances concentration

5. Lemon (aka "Power Up)
For the body: Boosts immune systems, reduces acne, can reduce cellulite           
For the mind: Enhanced energy, improves concentration

When you step foot into our MedSpa, you can guarantee that our oil diffuser is on full blast! Our essential oils relax us, increase our daily productivity, and   most importantly assist our beautiful clients in decompressing after a long day!

Want to learn more? E-mail or visit our MedSpa on holistic ways to improve your overall wellness